There are many different definitions of Hypnosis however the one that I favour is 

a state of relaxation and concentration at one with a state of heightened awareness, induced by suggestion.

Hypnosis is totally safe, extremely pleasant and relaxing. During Hypnosis you are fully aware of what is happening and you are able to talk and move quite easily.
Have you ever laid in bed on a Sunday morning feeling completely relaxed and can't be bothered to move but fully aware of your surroundings, yet should the phone ring you immediately spring into action to answer it?
This is a natural form of Hypnosis - no deep trance-like state, just completely relaxed and zoned out.
In fact, Hypnosis can be likened to daydreaming where you allow yourself to drift, not really concentrating on anything in particular.
Have you ever taken a familiar journey by car only to get to your destination unaware of how you actually got there?  This is another form of waking Hypnosis. If something had happened along that journey that needed your attention then you would have immediately become aware enabling you to respond in a safe manner.

You are unlikely to feel "hypnotised", however, you will probably experience a feeling of complete mental and physical relaxation.

Hypnosis is a non-addictive experience that is harmless and enjoyable, especially if you find it difficult to unwind and switch off.
There are a fabulous array of self hypnosis mp3s available on the internet that you can purchase and download for personal use in your own home. I use Hypnotic World and have provided a link below to over 500 different recordings. Click on the link below to search 
Hypnotic World list of Hypnosis MP3s

(Please note that I am an affiliate member of Hypnotic World)