Initial Consultation in person or by telephone - FREE - no obligation.
Usually takes about 30 mins and is designed to let you meet me and vice verse and helps you to understand in more detail the therapy offered and whether you feel it is right for you. There is absolutely no obligation to go ahead with any therapy.

Suggestion Therapy  - £50 per session
Usually one to two sessions each lasting approximately 1 hour.

Change Therapy  - £50 per session.
Individually designed programme lasting between 2 -6 sessions on a weekly basis.

Analytical Hypnotherapy Session - £50  per session.
Usually takes between 6 and 12 sessions lasting approximately 1 hour at weekly intervals.

Hypnosis for Children - £30 per session.
Depending on the issues, I offer an extremely safe and enjoyable session for children over the age of about 8. Parents or guardians must be present during the session. The session usually lasts for about 1 - 2 hours.

Stress Management Course - £125 for the complete course.
4 Sessions each lasting approx. 1 hour.

Stop Smoking or drinking Therapy - £100 for the complete course
Approximately 2 hour session.

Past Life Regression Therapy - £50 per session