Stressed Woman


Learn how to manage it
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) define stress as 'the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them'. Many factors, both inside and outside of the workplace, can lead to stress. As well as anxiety and depression, stress has been associated with heart disease, back pain and gastrointestinal illnesses.
In the workplace, it can be easy for managers to confuse positive pressure, which can create a buzz, and the harmful effects of pressure that is beyond a person's ability to cope.
Outside the workplace, factors such as relationship, family or debt problems can create stress or turn the normal pressures of work into excessive ones.

Some of the numerous negative effects of Stress:
Minor health problems, such as upset stomach, headache, colds, flu, back pain, muscle cramps and missed menstrual periods. 
A loss of confidence and feelings of low self-esteem, hopelessness and depression.
A feeling of intense fatigue even when you wake after sleeping, you still feel tired.
Sleep patterns can become distorted, waking at 3 or 4 a.m.
Indigestion and eating disorders.
Self-blame, guilt, cynicism and a sense of total failure.
Anger and resentment at nothing in particular.
A feeling that something is missing.
You may find a reluctance to go to work.
Low self confidence.
Low sex drive.
Appetite can disappear or you may have a desire to binge, especially with sweet, sugary foods.

If Stress becomes established, it can create a self-reinforcing process, giving rise to more and more negative actions and attitudes. This in turn leads to further stress and withdrawal.
At the first signs of mental or physical discomfort, have a check-up with your GP.

I offer a comprehensive Stress Management course aimed at equipping you with the tools necessary to manage your stress and therefore start to alleviate the symptoms brought on by stress. By keeping your stress under control you will find that your health will improve. By improving your health, you will improve your ability to control stress.

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