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Past Life Regression

Exploring past lives.
There are many reasons that people seek to explore past lives.
Some wish to go on a journey of discovery, some seek answers to questions about interests they have in this life, others wish to explore soul connections whilst some are looking to heal symptoms that they feel have been brought forward from previous incarnations.
Whatever your beliefs, it is important that you feel safe, feel able to explore without judgement and can gain healing from the experience if appropriate. Trained in Analytical/Regression therapy I specialise in healing emotional trauma, therefore if emotional trauma is encountered in past lives, this can be released safely and calmly.
I am a member of the Past Life Regression Association and you can learn more from their website at
It maybe that you have found this page and wish to learn more before you are ready to embark on your own personal journey. If this is the case there are some books that I highly recommend:
Journey of Souls
Destiny of Souls
Life betweenLlives
 - all by Michael Newton Ph.D
Many Lives, Many Masters
Same Soul, Many Bodies
 - all by Dr. Brian Weiss